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A Training Program from the Fast Track Academy taught by Contracts & Grants
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Strategy doesn’t have to trip up your business anymore. One of the most common deterrents that keeps would-be government contractors from making a quick and profitable move into the federal arena is simply not knowing how to make the transition. More, if they do happen to start the bidding process, they often have no plan for how to leverage each opportunity as a chance to get stronger and better.

It’s easy to get busy with the business of just trying to stay in business. But every organization needs a strategy that includes a company-wide goal toward which departments, teams, and team members aim their efforts.

In the federal space, one of the signs of a successful federal contractor is the ability to shape a global mobilization strategy that will enable the company to perform on its federal contract while growing in its capacity to take on greater and greater responsibilities.

That means understanding cultural differences. It means understanding what business – and doing “good business” - means around the globe.

How to Develop an Actual Plan to Cement Your Success as a Federal Contractor

This interactive, self-paced training course will help develop your three-year strategic plan. You will learn:

  • How to create a three-year strategic plan for your business
  • How to identify your corporate and individual goals
  • How to create the right strategies to support your goals

Whether your mission is to generate $10 million in revenue over the next three years or expand into a foreign market, developing a well-constructed plan that undergirds your efforts will be critical to your ongoing success.

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Contracts & Grants
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For more than 20 years, the team at Contracts and Grants, LLC has offered procurement, staff augmentation and business development services to organizations that are learning how to win government contracts and grants.

We are recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME) for Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We have vast, proven expertise with a full array of contract vehicles, including IDIQ MATOC contracts, GSA Schedules, 8(a) Certification, WOSB & EDWOSB, VetBiz Certification, DOT Certification, MBE, WBE and DBE state applications.

We do not merely talk about performance; we have the proven bottom-line results to back it up.

Since 2011, we have secured over $2 billion in competitive range negotiations, of which more than $356 million was awarded. We help our clients efficiently and cost-effectively meet 100% of their contract’s performance expectations.