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A Training Program from the Fast Track Academy taught by Contracts & Grants
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Welcome to the Fast Track Academy

Course Materials

Now that you are enrolled in your course, you may be wondering what to do now. The first step is to download the relevant course materials for the first module in your course.

On the left side of your screen, you will find your course materials, downloads, and multimedia modules.

Course materials become available automatically when you purchase your course. You do not have to wait for them.

Group Q&A Session

The Contracts and Grants team holds weekly group Q&A session specifically for Fast Track attendees. As you complete weekly training modules, designate time to attend scheduled group Q&A sessions to get further insights on that week's training. You can get answers to all your course-related questions at the weekly group Q&A sessions.

One-on-One Time

When questions arise that are specific to your business, we suggest you reserve those questions for one-on-one time with one of our Contracts and Grants Subject Matter Experts.

We designed the group Q&A sessions to focus more on providing Fast Track students with an in-depth understanding of the course training. These are the general strategies any business can use to succeed in the federal contracting space.

The one-on-one sessions are the time when you will have the privacy to ask and get answers to issues that you are dealing with in your business.

You can purchase as many one-on-one sessions as you need for $85 per session.

You can use one-on-one time to get feedback at any time during your training. However, we find that the BEST use of your one-on-one time is spent:

  • Getting help during the final stages of the proposal writing process
  • Post-Debriefing (after evaluation) to ensure your baseline proposal is as strong as it can be

Town Hall Meetings

Fast Track participants can attend any of the quarterly Town Hall Meetings and use it as an opportunity to further connect with Subject Matter Experts as well as other organizations and companies enrolled in the Fast Track program.

Office Hours

In addition to weekly Q&A sessions and the opportunity you have to schedule one-on-one time to get answers to questions that are specific to your business, all Fast Track students also have access to Contract and Grants team members at specific times during the week to resolve any issues they may have with their courses. This includes technical issues, questions about course materials, and instructions on how to complete assignments, quizzes, and tasks.

We set office hours weekly by appointment only. Contact to schedule an appointment during office hours.

Proposal Writing and Review

The Proposal Module is a course that guides you through specific areas to address within your proposal. There are five proposal writing modules:

  • Proposal Prep
  • First Draft
  • Second Draft
  • Third Party Review
  • Final Submission

Participants enrolled in six-week or twelve-week simulated government contracting courses have the proposal writing modules included as part of their curriculum. Also included is a complete proposal review with constructive feedback to help you learn how to consistently develop strong federal proposals.

Students who are taking individual courses as part of their self-paced training can purchase One-On-One Time in which to have the debriefing with the Contracts and Grants team that includes the complete proposal review with constructive feedback.

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Contracts &  Grants
Contracts & Grants
Subject Matter Experts

For more than 20 years, the team at Contracts and Grants, LLC has offered procurement, staff augmentation and business development services to organizations that are learning how to win government contracts and grants.

We are recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME) for Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We have vast, proven expertise with a full array of contract vehicles, including IDIQ MATOC contracts, GSA Schedules, 8(a) Certification, WOSB & EDWOSB, VetBiz Certification, DOT Certification, MBE, WBE and DBE state applications.

We do not merely talk about performance; we have the proven bottom-line results to back it up.

Since 2011, we have secured over $2 billion in competitive range negotiations, of which more than $356 million was awarded. We help our clients efficiently and cost-effectively meet 100% of their contract’s performance expectations.